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Car Coaster Interior Atmosphere Lamps | Led Cup Holder Lights | 2 Pieces Car Coaster Lights

Car Coaster Interior Atmosphere Lamps | Led Cup Holder Lights | 2 Pieces Car Coaster Lights

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Product Instructions:

1: Please charge your coaster for half an hour before using the product.

2: Press and hold the switch on the back of the product for three seconds to turn it on.

3: The product comes with seven colors, one color changes every time you press the switch.

4: Mode: automatic color jump (change a color in 1-2 seconds), breathing mode (change darker
and brighter), fixed color.

5: The product is a smart product, In the static state, the light will automatically turn off. No
need to close manually.

6: The product is under strong light, you cannot confirm whether the product is turned on,
because under strong light, the product will automatically turn off the light, you can cover it
with your hand to confirm, but it will automatically turn off when it is turned on. (It is
recommended to open the product in the dark and adjust the color you like)

Product Features:

1. A light-sensitive chip is embedded into the product. It can sense the daylight so that the light can be turned on in the evening while automatically turned off during the day.

2. The product contains a vibration-sensitive device. When the car is shut off and the driver leaves, the light will stay on for 15 seconds and then enter the standby mode.

3. Both the startup and the light color changing are easily conducted by the switches at the bottom of the product.

4. The product is charging by a USB cable. The charging port is placed on the edge of the product. Its interface is Micro USB, the same as ordinary Android phones interface. The cable will be provided as the accessory.
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