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Car Air Freshener | Smart Fragrance Diffuser

Car Air Freshener | Smart Fragrance Diffuser

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Our automatic turns On/Off base on vibration, It is equipped with a vibration and intelligent sensor that instantly recognize the car's driving condition. There's also three fragrance adjustment modes that allow you to adjust the fragrance intensity according to your preferences (Light Mode, Strong Mode & Smart Mode)

The Car Air Fresheners can last between 30/90 days with our 50ml bottle fragrance. We also offer refill options and we strongly recommend you purchase your refills from us because we can't guarantee that the air freshener will work properly with other oils base on the thickness of the oil which can cause the air freshener to clog.

When Charged for a minimum of 1hrs the air freshener can last up to 30 days on a single charge base on daily usage. The scent of our Air Fresheners will not dissipate over time it's the same refreshing smell with ever mist.

Whats included in the box:

1 Aluminum Alloy Car Air Fresheners
1 bottle perfume 50ml Cologne scent
1 USB Type-C charging cable & operating instructions
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